Why You Need Special Windows and Doors in South Florida

A South Florida Contractor Fully Understands the Need

South Florida has unique weather that isn’t seen throughout the rest of the country.

While areas of the country get heavy winds, with gusts peaking at over 100 miles per hour, the hurricanes that hit here have sustained winds of over 100 miles per hour.  To put that into perspective, if someone threw a basketball at you, it wouldn’t feel great and you might get a little bruise.  If someone threw 1,000 basketballs at you, you likely wouldn’t stand up for too long during that deluge!

Because of this unique weather, you need unique windows and doors on your South Florida home.

Impact-Resistant Windows Protect you and Your Home

There are two ways to protect your home from the wind and debris in a hurricane.  You can install standard windows, and then also install hurricane shutters, or you can install impact-resistant windows.

Standard windows are found on the bulk of houses throughout the country.  They come in all sorts of varieties, but if hit by debris they will shatter.  Shards of glass can be thrown into the home, and obviously that barrier has been breached allowing the wind and rain inside.

Impact-resistant windows, however, have a laminate membrane in them.  Instead of shattering, broken glass sticks to the membrane, and the window tends to stay in one piece.

Why choose impact-resistant windows?  We have three great reasons:

Better Protection – Compared to standard glass, your impact-resistant windows hold up better in the long run.  A shutter can provide that protection, but what if the shutter doesn’t close on time, completely, or is somehow damaged?

Better Preparation – Speaking of not closing on time, if you’re trying to get out of town because a massive hurricane is coming, impact-resistant windows mean you have one less item to worry about.  If you’re already out of town, you don’t have to return to close a shutter.

Better Aesthetics – Because you don’t need that hurricane shutter, your house has a cleaner and better look.  No worries about unsightly extras; just glass that lets you enjoy the outdoors from inside.

Impact Resistant Doors Stand up to the Weather

Windows are obvious choices, you don’t want those things to shatter letting the rain and debris into your home.  But what about doors?  They’re pretty solid already, right?  Why do you need an impact resistant door?

Standard doors are generally made with insulation that is “skinned” with steel.  This steel is strong, it’s durable, and can withstand a lot.  It is not, however, designed to withstand the impacts of flying debris during a hurricane.  Great for most homes; not great for a home in South Florida.

Impact doors use fiberglass instead of steel, reinforced hinges and handles, and even incorporate stronger frames.  In case you’re wondering, fiberglass is actually stronger than steel.  Because of this added durability, your impact-resistant door can handle a lot more that gets (literally) thrown at it.

How much more?  Imagine that basketball that pelted you earlier.  Now, imagine that basketball, filled with sand, hurled at 50 miles per hour.  A standard door wouldn’t stand a chance, but an impact door can hold up.  By the way, nobody is out there filling basketballs with sand, that heavy debris is more likely going to be pieces of buildings, trees, or vehicle parts flung at your home.

Durable, Beautiful Windows and Doors in South Florida

South Florida sees sunshine and great weather; until hurricane season hits.  In those few months, you want to make sure your home is protected.

Don’t sacrifice beauty for protective windows and doors though!

Using the latest technology, you can have a house that looks amazing and is protected from storms.  But wait, you get a bonus too.  Those windows and doors that protect you from the storms protect you from break-ins, and you could score a discount on your insurance.

Nessco Construction: your Miami Area Contractor

Just as a standard window isn’t quite as good for the Miami area as an impact window, a standard contractor isn’t as good as a Miami contractor.

Why?  Because Nessco Construction is local, we’re here to stay; we know what Miami needs.

We understand that not all building materials are created equal.  For that reason we only use those that are approved by Miami-Dade County.

It’s about doing the right thing for you because that’s how we want to be treated.  It’s about being the best because you deserve the best.

Let’s get started on making your home the best around.  Give us a call at (866) 361-0561, and let’s talk about your project.  Or fill out our contact form, and we’ll reach out to you.

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